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  • The supply of energy from electricity, liquid hydrocarbons, and natural gas cover almost 70% of the country’s GHG emissions. 

  • Renewables generated 1% of the UK’s electricity in 1990, in 2010 over 6%, but by 2019 renewables accounted for 37.1%.


  • However, low carbon electricity represented just 5% of the UK’s total energy supply in 2019.


  • Heating and transport have lacked the same major shifts towards decarbonisation.  

  • Heat might be the largest “credibility gap” to the UK's Net Zero target. 

  • Electricity generation’s main concern could come from removing natural gas as the main form of ‘dispatchable generation’ left in the system.


  • A whole systems perspective is needed for a coherent, cost-effective decarbonisation pathway for energy supply. 

  • Infrastructure is coming under increasing strain due to ongoing integration of variable renewable generation. Focus must shift to introducing flexibility across the supply sector. 

  • One crucial factor going beyond 2020 is the need for urgency in decision making


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