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Delivering Net Zero Webinar

Delivering Net Zero (DNZ) is a collaborative project being undertaken by the University of Leeds, Cardiff University and Cultivate Innovation. The project seeks to unite and explore a range of cross-sector perspectives to identify where consensus does and does not exist on how the UK should deliver net zero.

Data is being collected via three rounds of deliberative workshops, the first of which convened 42 top academics from across the research community working in energy supply, energy demand and greenhouse gas removal.

This webinar convened a panel of experts to introduce the key themes that emerged from the academic community and discuss the opportunities and barriers to developing cross-sector narratives on net zero.

Delivering Net Zero speakers/panellists:

  • Mike Colechin, Founder of Cultivate Innovation

  • Rachel Carr-Whitworth, Lead Author of Delivering Net Zero Round 1 Analysis

  • Carly McLachlan, Professor of Climate and Energy Policy at University of Manchester

  • John Barrett, Professor in Energy and Climate Policy at University of Leeds

  • Jan Webb, Professor of Sociology of Organisations at Edinburgh University

  • Emily Cox, Research Associate at Cardiff University

Watch the video here:



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