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Key Themes from Public, Private and Third Sector Stakeholders

DNZ Round 2 Report.png

This report explores the key themes to emerge from the second round of workshops, which brought together 40 participants from across the public, private, third and funding sectors to explore the barriers, opportunities and priorities for reaching net zero.


Stakeholders were encouraged to consider both their own and broader sectors and given the opportunity to reflect on the themes from the Round 1 workshops to develop messages to deliver back the analysis to the research community.


This report provides an overview of the initial themes to emerge from these stakeholder workshops. The first section provides an overview of the workshops and details the analysis approach and methodology.


Section 2 identifies and discusses the broad, cross-cutting themes that emerged, which are also summarised below.


Section 3 provides a summary and comparison of each workshop session, looking into the key discussion points for each group of stakeholders.


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